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Making Charts in Microsoft Excel.

This is a set of tutorials about charting in Microsoft Excel. The first tutorial is the most basic, an introduction to making charts. Follow up tutorials deal with formatting parts of the chart, updating charts with additional or changing data, advanced techniques and tricks, and automating charts with VBA. These tutorials are companion pieces to the many charting examples on this web site. The first time through these tutorials, the neophyte may wish to stay on the basic tutorial pages, without straying too deeply into the more detailed pages.

Note: This is a work in progress. Several topics have yet to be populated. Check back occasionally to look for added content.


Getting Started

Chart Wizard

Chart Types

     X Axis: Category or Value?
     Creating a Custom Chart Type

Source Data

     The Chart and its Data Range
     The Chart Series Formula
     Charting Data From Different Sheets
     Changing Series or Whole Chart Data
     Adding a Series
     Delinking Chart Data

Chart Options

     Data Labels
     Data Table


Chart Context Menu

Chart Names

Parts of the Chart

Selecting Chart Elements


     Number Formats in Excel
     Custom Series Formatting
     Error Bars in Excel Charts
     Protecting Charts

Quick Chart VBA Examples

     Quick Chart VBA Examples — Simple VBA examples for adding charts and series

This page has simple instructions and code for adding an embedded chart object to a worksheet, and for adding a series to a chart. There are a couple quick but complete VBA procedures that create and populate charts based on data in a selected worksheet range.

     Resizing and Moving Charts in VBA — VBA basics for moving and sizing your charts

What you need to do is change the position and size of a chart object. It is actually the chart object that is embedded in the worksheet, and the chart object contains the chart.

     Error Free VBA — Basic techniques to reduce errors in the use of your code

Although you cannot make your VBA code error-free, you can at least try to make it error-resistant. Here I will outline a few basic techniques to reduce the effects of errors in the use of your code.


Peltier Tech Charts for Excel 3.0

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